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Interior Designer in London guiding you towards making the right decisions to create a beautiful home

  • is your home an empty shell or working off architects plans?
  • do you have a few ideas but stuck where to start?
  • need to integrate some of your old furniture but worried it won’t work?
  • don’t want a project that is going to be laboured and extremely time consuming?
  • need to meld differing ideas?
  • is it your first time considering a designer and you’re not sure if you need one?

  • are you extending your home and looking for a fresh pair of eyes to invigorate the process?
  • want to completely re-jig the floor plan?
  • working with an architect but want a finished home not just a beautifully designed room?
  • want ‘that’ home that you saw in the brochure?
  • Looking to use your current space better by creating an open plan living space?

“We believe in striking while the iron is hot so design meetings are often available within 48 hours first being contacted. Start as you mean to go on!” – Kia



Our obsession with Interior Design

Why are we telling you this? Because if this is the amount of care we take over what you DON’T see, imagine how much care we put in to what you DO see.

We are dedicated to creating homes that reflect your lifestyle but we also believe in keeping it simple, we keep costs low to produce the best interior designs without the extra charges to you, our clients. We don’t run a big studio from a fancy location or employ dozens of staff (yet!) We believe in being modern, being mobile and being efficient.
Yes, we have samples and yes, we have all the latest information about products but we try to keep most of our information digitally – this allows us to work from any where in the world at anytime.To be able to instantly access technical information at the click of a button.
This year we are aiming to have all our accounting completely paper free, we are even taking our last five years of paperwork and having it all backed up in to an easily filed, easily searched digital format.
Interior Design Awards

The 5 steps that get you to the interior design that is perfectly suited to you

We guarantee to bring that “I never would have thought of that” design to each and every part of the design possible

  1. First consultation – a nice informal meet and greet at your property to put a face to a name. Easily arranged for weekends or evenings at a time that is suitable for you (can can contact us on 07912138822 to arrange yours today)
  2. Let’s get started – let’s get the boring part out of the way of signing the contract and paying the fees so we can go ahead with your project.  We sit down with samples, magazines, any and all inspiration that you will have gathered on your travels.  We brainstorm how you want your home to feel, how you need your home to function and what is most important to invest in
  3. Getting to work – at this point its all about you sitting back and relaxing while we do our job, you’ve inspired us, we now need to produce the results.  I won’t bore you with the details (but if you are interested you can read more about the whole process through our blog…).  This process usually takes between 2 and 5 weeks depending on the size of your project
  4. The big proposal – It’s that time, the time to take it all in…from door handles to lighting fixtures we will have brought together every item to create a home that perfectly reflects you
  5. The tweaking – inevitably there will be a few things that aren’t quite to your liking – a cushion here a wood samples there. We revise what needs to be changed, without pulling apart the whole design, and then we are good to great things kicked in to gear



Kia Sunda

  • So are you looking for a home that has wow factor?
  • For exact plans that allow you to quickly get to the home you want?
  • Access to thousands of products that are only available to the trade?
  • A service that is quick and efficient whilst creating a design that is uniquely you?
  • A design that reflects you perfectly without spending weekend after weekend shopping for it?

Then book your first consultation today. We can’t wait to work with you


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