A costly coffee table – MUST SEE!

I believe that the term ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ has never been more apt!  Next time you have near death experience in your ‘6-figure’ car do not immediately ascertain its value as scrap metal, instead take inspiration from French designer Charly Molinelli.  He turned a depressing wreck into an undisputed feature piece:

Obviously this is wonderful stand alone piece which would provide a massive talking point within any room but we must also consider the overarching philosophical design principle that this piece uncovers.  I have said to many clients on many occasions that imperfections are acceptable, and indeed sometimes preferable, as long as the designer draws attentions to the imperfection and makes it quite clear to anyone viewing the room that any attention that it is gaining is intentional.  For example, many houses in London have walls that are in desperate need of re-plastering but I, for one, feel that ‘weathered’ walls can give a room a real identity if used in the correct scenario and if they are highlighted confidently (one can, for example, quite harshly light such a wall and make a feature of the imperfections).  In this case when the designer saw this:

He was really seeing this:

You see, highlighting something that is utterly imperfect can create an alluring piece as long as it is presented correctly and confidently!

Credit: Enpundit

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