Fine Finishing: An Interesting Conversation Piece

Art is a very emotive topic. We are all moved by different pieces of art and we all have a very unique appreciation of it here at Kia Designs. This piece I stumbled across spoke to me personally. I could see it working well in lots of different schemes. It’s soft colours are soothing. The layering of the piece provides a lot of depth. These pieces seem particularly peaceful yet still vibrant and appealing. I was instantly drawn to them as an interesting conversation piece.

Laurie Peters is a UK based visual artist who graduated with Honours in 1998 from the University of The West of England with a degree in graphic design. He has worked as an Art Director and a Senior Creative for design and advertising agencies in London and the South West of England. Laurie’s paintings are mostly abstract compositions of nature, flowers and scenery. Paintings are 100x100cm or larger which are typically acrylic paint and oil pastels.


Painted in 2016. This piece was made using the finest ‘Golden’ acrylic paints, fine art polychromo pencils and high quality Sennelier Artists Oil Pastels. The painting is 40×30 Inches in size which is on a fine Linen surface.

The colours are a particular favourite of mine. Even my wedding shoes were specially designed in a cobalt blue for the big day. We are often asked for a way in which to make these kinds of punchy colours work. This piece shows you how it can be brought in superbly through carefully selected artwork. It’s a textural experience that seems to grow each time you encounter it. 

For more on Laurie Peters work please visit this website.

We look forward to using pieces of Laurie’s work in upcoming projects, hopefully this piece will make it’s way onto a design board and become a beloved piece in a client’s home.

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