Rainbow chairs

When I was at university I did a couple of essays on post-modernism and this is a perfect example of it.  It mixes a classic Design that has stood the test of time with colors which would not ordinarily be associated with such a Design.  In this case the Designer has succeeded in creating an appealing product by carefully choosing a color palate with a pastel theme which does not overshadow the time-tested Design.

Credit: The Louis XV Upholstered Chair comes from Dransfield & Ross via: Fresh Home


  1. tracyann
    June 26, 2012 - Reply

    Love the chair you have shared. Can I ask who design it and what kind of materials have he use in order to make these beautiful creation? Thank you for sharing it.
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    • June 26, 2012

      Hi Tracy, these are from Dransfield & Ross the link through to their website is just below the picture. Takes you straight through to the furniture section. Enjoy!

    • tracyann
      June 27, 2012

      They are beautiful and I really admire it. Thanks for sharing it.
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