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4 Ways To Save You Tons Of Time on Social Media

Social media is something that we all feel we need but it can often be difficult to keep on top of. It’s all about creating a presence that your clients know, trust and can enjoy. We also use it to find fantastic artists and artisans around the world. It needs to represent your brand and remain approachable for your potential clients, it’s you’re 24-hour storefront however it can often feel like it will take every moment of your time!  It doesn’t have to if you can be careful with how you spend your time and use some clever apps to create a social media presence you can be proud of.

We have spent years on TwitterPinterest and Instagram and these are some of our favourite apps that help us create a good social media presence. Everyone needs a little help to save time on social media!

Mosaico App

This app (available on both ios and android) is great for helping to layout your Instagram. It goes from uncoordinated fun to something really well put together and beautiful.  Has completely changed the overall look of our Instagram account.




We have spoken about this glorious company before but it is best to remind yourself of how amazing coschedule really is and how much time it can save you. It really has been a complete lifesaver for a growing business. It works extremely well with WordPress and can work equally well with other blog hosts. Even if blogging isn’t your thing and you are looking to promote products, new projects or seminars coschedule can work for you. It has everything to help lay out months of posts across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest and through their ‘reboost’ application it can help keep you constantly topped up.




Want your Instagram images to go to Twitter as native images. If This Then That can help you with that little problem, saving you tons of time along the way. We use IFTTT for many different reasons. It is the easiest way to have repeated tasks happen in the blink of an eye. You just sit back and it will happen automatically.



Have a stunning brand and want to make the most out of it? How about a beautifully branding book that takes your instagram, Facebook and twitter images and creates a gorgeous book out of them that can take as little as 5 minutes to sign off on. It’s a great way of being able to document how your company has grown over the years. A great memento and can also work as a great marketing tool for investors and potential clients.

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