Exposed: How Our Social Media Presence Rocketed Sky High

Technology for Interior Design

There are a lot of technologies out there that claim to be able to make a big difference but nothing has made as large an impact on our business as social media. We adore being able to connect with designers and makers all around the world. Highlight their work, talk design and having people all around the globe see our work is extremely important. It’s for that reason we take an innovation extremely seriously. Social media continues to innovate and give us ways to interact with our audience.

Whether you are looking to re-do your carpet for wood flooring or looking to redesign a 15 bedroom house. We want to be able to connect with people and inspire them.

Making a connection

If I told you that you could increase your social media interactions within a week by 75% I am not sure you would actually believe me. Or want to between the 5 major social networks there are so many different ways to connect and a 75% increase could seem completely out of control.

  • twitter
  • instagram
  • pinterest
  • facebook
  • linkedin


Who has the time?


A 75% increase in visits from social media within 1 week (coschedule started on 12th July)


Very true, who does. Our studio is currently tackling 11 projects with 4 new projects in the pipeline including overseas work. We don’t have time to be able to interact daily with all these social media platforms. We need to be efficient with our time. That is one of my biggest pet peeves, wasting time. So anything that will save us time whilst getting the same quality and results is fab. Well coschedule doesn’t just give you the same quality, it hits it out the ballpark by completely over achieving at every single point.

CoSchedule from Garrett Moon on Vimeo.


We are always happy to delve deeper in to amazing ways in which social media can be harnessed to create a close bond with your cilents. Everything from How To Run A Snagging List Like A Pro With Wunderlist to Basecamp and The Art of Project Management, if technology can improve our business and therefore make our clients lives better we are going to do it. Coschedule is no different, it gets our message out into the world to help more clients and we love it for that!

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