How to Soundproof an Engineered Wood Floor in a Flat

How to Have Your Wooden Floor and Walk on it

Wooden floors look lovely, are hardwearing and easy to clean. But far from being soundproof they create a large amount of noise. They are often prohibited in flats or apartment buildings, due to noise restrictions. You can, however, apply to install an engineered wooden floor in an apartment with added soundproofing if you can prove it to be in accordance with Schedule E of the Building Regulations which states a minimum requirement for 65DB (decibels).

The regulation 64db is a culmination of all the layers of the flooring.┬áThis covers both “air born noise” like a dog barking, which travels, as its name suggests, through air and through gaps and cracks in a building, and “impact noice” which travels through materials and objects, like footsteps above.
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