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Where To Start When Doing House Interior Design For Small Houses

When you are limited on space it is very important to have a clear path forward when looking at the design. For most people when doing house interior design for small houses there is one priority: storage. Storage is so important when you are in a limited space. A well designed house with lots of storage it doesn’t mean that it needs to be soulless. Storage isn’t a design style. It shouldn’t be your first consideration or it will dominate the space. That is why when we are looking at small houses we first focus on the overall feel by setting our clients some homework.

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Life of an Interior Designer – The Inside Scoop

The life of an Interior Designer is an interesting one. People often ask me what my day-to-day job involves. How I manage to fit everything in. How I create a work-life balance that works. Honestly, it’s a lot to do with 2 things:

  1. Organisation
  2. Knowing your limits


We use many tools to make sure we stay on top of our clients projects. Our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) means that every task is assigned to a specific person. These are easily tracked making sure that tasks are completely by the best informed person within a set time limit. This also means that we can work remotely as our CRM is completely online. So even if we are working on projects around the world our team can be adequately assigned.

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The Secrets Needed For Every Luxury Kitchen

Four things that every luxury kitchen needs and how we provide them for our clients in each design. This is a great place to start when creating luxury in a kitchen space.

Open Living Space Problems

As we open spaces between kitchens and living areas we need to have our kitchens work even harder for us. Especially when focusing on luxury kitchen design. Kitchens need to be as elegant as the rest of the house whilst also being practical. How we have worked around this in our knightsbridge kitchen design is through slide away doors. Open when cooking and closed when entertaining they turn the kitchen in to a serene space you will want to spend all your time in. It is a clever and elegant solution.


Left: Kitchen Closed Right: Kitchen Open

Since for about a third of home workers their kitchen is also used as a working space (UK Houzz Report 2017) we find it useful to include plugs (hidden, of course!) as a way to make sure dining tables can double as desks especially for younger family members.

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The Compact Home Office: Revisited

In this age of mobility, with laptops, smartphones and online access wherever we go, it is vital that we have a space away from our offices where we can work. Whether you’re a work-a-holic, or just need to send a quick email, its great to have a home office to access and focus completely on the job at hand. The trouble is, with the majority of us being city dwellers, our urban homes don’t always come with that extra office-space square-footage.
Back in October, the Kia Designs team visited Decorex (among many other Design Fairs!). We discovered a number of great new products that help to create that ideal home office, without breaking the bank or the need to extend.These were perfect for a project that we were working on at the time, and are now towards the end of completion! See below some of the great products we found, and how we accommodated a compact home office into our design.

Compact Home Office Products

Hartô presented their beautiful Wall Secretary Desk Gaston, which we all absolutely fell in love with! Its made of MDF and Plywood, veneered in luxurious oak, with matt painted draws in a range of fun colours. Its curved edges and simplicity makes it sophisticated enough to appeal as the perfect compact home office. But its quirky and fun assortment of colours from grey to yellow means it would also look great as a kids study or homework station!

At 569.00€/£507.55 it might not be in everyone’s budget. So we had a bit of fun looking for some other unique ways to get that needed work space into your home. Here are a few alternatives that might get your creative juices flowing, just what you need to get you through that writer’s block…

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Interior Styling – Your Home Should Feel Finished

One of the phrases that we often hear from clients is that they have troubles “finishing a project”. In the past many of them have done smaller projects for themselves that can been draining. Whether it be a bathroom renovation or simply decorating a lounge but they have never quite managed for it to look magazine style finished. It is never quite finished to the level of Interior Styling. This is for a few reasons:

  • Projects are long. Often much longer than you ever imagined and because of this they are also a bit tiring exhausting. Especially if you don’t really know if you are doing things the correct way around.
  • Unrealistic Expectations. The images that clients are aiming for are interior styled to death and actually not how they want to live on a day to day basis.

Interior styling is a quite an art.

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Inspirational Working Space

When designing studies there are often a lot of things to think about. Many studies are often used as overflow spaces for extra guests so need an alternative sleeping arrangement which often means that there needs to be a lot of storage to make sure any more sensitive data can be easily hidden away whilst also being easy to retrieve once guests have departed.  However, all of these studies are a wonderful indulgence away from that. They are for clients who find themselves working from home more often than not and who need a space that works hard for them. It needs to inspire whilst being extremely practical.

This first study includes a combination of premade doors with bespoke carpentry, we have used a gorgeous tone of blue to provide calm and tranquil feel to the room.



Hard working relaxed study

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Out with the Old and in with the New – Spring Cleaning

Although the weather might not think it, winter is finally coming to an end and spring is just around the corner! So it’s the perfect time to start thinking about spring cleaning your home and taking the first steps to making it that haven you’ve always wanted.

Reasons to Declutter

Researchers have actually found that having clutter in your home can be detrimental to your health and well-being. Studies have shown that people who sleep in uncluttered rooms have a better quality of sleep than those in cluttered rooms. They have also found evidence that having a cluttered room can cause over-stimulation, which can lead to tiredness and lack of concentration.


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Jaw-Dropping Bathroom Design

That’s what we were asked for and we are certainly looking to deliver. Having worked with this client’s father on his Knightsbridge apartment our client knew that we would be able to bring her dreams for a very different kind of home to life. We are looking to create a bathroom the blurs the line between indoors and outdoors, bringing together her love of flowers and colour in a subtle and brilliant way. We want to bring the beauty and uniqueness of flowers in to a bathroom in an extremely permanent way. This is more than just an interesting conversation piece it is designed to leave your guests absolutely floored.


Domus image of Bisazza Tulips

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Pantries are one of our go-to luxury kitchen items

Problem Solving the Creative Way

How to problem solve in a way that enhances, not hinders your design:

Some of our most successful design features cover up problems. Most of the time they hide flaws within a building – our stunning onyx seat in our recent Knightsbridge design hides the fact there is an unmovable cement column that cuts into the bathroom, so we recessed a seat next to it and matched it on the other side. Occasionally, they have to hide less structural mistakes.

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Interior Crittall Windows: What Are Your Options?

Adding interior windows to your property is a great way of not only recreating the space, but also a great practical way of bringing more light into cramped and shady areas. Crittall windows are trending all over the shop, originally appearing in the 1800s and popular during the art deco period, they bring a bit of old fashioned charm whilst at the same time adding a modern and slick feel to a space.

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How to Prepare Your Home for Builders

You’ve finalised the design, hired the contractors and booked your holiday – hurrah! But now you have to prepare your home for the incoming builders. A few points we’d like to stress, which occasionally get overlooked:

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Good design brings people together

Regent’s Park Before and After – Traditional with a Twist

We have recently completed a beautiful project in London’s Regent’s Park. The project involved a complete overhaul and reconfiguration of the top level of four floor townhouse, in order to make the space work more successfully for our clients. The existing space consisted of a large winding staircase, which was met at the top floor by a landing that unnecessarily encased the staircase, with internal windows that were awkwardly situated (one into a bathroom!) to let more light in. The landing led to a number of box-like rooms that were being used as storage rooms, an office, small bedrooms and a small utility room. As they were not a very effective use of the space, it was hard to use them as viable bedrooms for guests, as seen in the before floor plan below.

Floor plan exists of a number of unnecessary landing walkways and awkward rooms

Floor plan exists of a number of unnecessary landing walkways and awkward rooms

Our clients told us that they hardly used the space at present except for storage. Their little boy was getting older and they had moved him into one of the bedrooms and wanted to be able to use the rest of the space more useable and liveable. They also wanted to have a space where family members and friends could come and feel completely at home in a space that was designated for their use.

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