5 Steps To Choose A Perfect Wood Flooring

When it comes to wood flooring, there are so many types, finishes and colours that it may be overwhelming and hard to make a decision. But before you jump in into the stunning vision of your living room with a dark, maple floor, let’s get some details sorted out.

Go to the showroom. Pictures of wood samples you see in a magazine or website, even if they are big, don’t give justice to it. It is always better to see it laid down on the floor surface! As always, the size of the room  is one of the most important criteria when choosing elements for your new home. Dark flooring is elegant and sophisticated, but would it work in small bedroom? Before any purchase, have a look around different showrooms. Most of them will not only have samples of materials, but will display actual flooring in sample rooms, so you can get idea how will it look in bedroom or living room.

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Choose the right type of wood. Not all types of wood are good for all surfaces. It is always a good idea to prepare all the info about the space you want the flooring in before heading to wood supplier or a showroom. You have to take into consideration how will you use the floor. Is there a possibility of it getting scratched or will your dog  run through the room when going outside? Will  you be wearing outdoor boots or trying out your new stilettos there as well? All of these have huge impact on the decision! Even if the walnut floor looks stunning, it may be worth it to go  for a more durable and long-lasting material for the entrance hall.

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Choose a finish. Do you want your floor to look natural? Choose oil finish, but remember, you will have to paint it every 5 years! Would you prefer a durable and easy to maintain floor ? Take lacquer finish, you won’t have to improve or paint or do any other work for 20 years , but the effect is totally different. All of the finishes have pluses and minuses, it all boils down to your needs and expectations, so just pick wisely and don’t hesitate to ask a specialist for help.

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Choose your colour. We know that you love the walnut flooring you’ve seen in your friend’s living room, but will it look ok in a smaller bedroom on the top floor of your flat? That depends.  You have to think about the scale, what looks good in wide and large surfaces doesn’t always work in small and compact rooms. Take into  consideration the overall look  and volume of it. Also, keep in mind that colour of the flooring will look different in different spaces. A large, bright living room will look stunning with dark flooring, but for tiny bedrooms it maybe too intense.

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Think about space. Moisture is one of the most important criteria to consider while choosing wooden flooring. You have to remember that wood is a natural and organic material, and it has its own ‘life’, which means, depending on moisture level, heat and other conditions, it can change its width or even crack. When you are ordering the floor, don’t forget to mention that to the specialists! Sometimes even small details can make a huge difference and save you tons of money!

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And remember another thing! With the technology  is available on the market, you have pretty much endless opportunities in choosing wood flooring.  Whether  you would like to have it in the bathroom or in the sauna, there is always a special type of wood, or protection method that will allow you to actually have that done. So just dream big and talk to the specialists.  They will help you make your dreams spaces come true!

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