How Black Can Be A Great Design Scheme

Yes! This hotel just oozes with charisma, it’s almost completely black design scheme is just stunning, sleek and classy. I love the The Burbury Hotel by Katon Redgen Mathieson!

black design scheme

The reception is clean and classy, a pop of colour is provided by a gorgeous flower display

The dining area again is predominately black but it just ‘works’!

Basically with a light floor and extremely clever lighting black can work beautifully as your base colour for your design.

The Burbury Hotel by Katon Redgen Mathieson ยป CONTEMPORIST.

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One comment

  • JenLWKKitchens August 1, 2013  

    These colour combinations are spot on for an elegant and sophisticated effect! The decor of the hotel reception is very balanced for a soft welcoming ambience, which is just what you would hope for on arriving to a hotel!