On the search for Porta Romana lamps for a client

One of our newest clients is re-vamping their 6 floor home in Mayfair: we are having a number of older pieces of furniture re-upholstered and so we are in the process of finding furniture which will link the old with the new.  A number of Porta Romana lamps fulfill this specification admirably:

I find these lamps to have a timeless appeal which exudes class.  Another lamp that we were considering is a little more ‘out there’ but still has a real charm to it:

One of the things that I really like about Porta Romana is that they are not afraid to be aggressive in their designs – this includes their fearlessness with regard to colour:

We are still in the process of deciding which lamps we would like to use but the final result is destined to be nothing less than stunning!


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