How We Help You: What In The World Is Procurement?

When you’re looking to move your project forward it can often be difficult to see which option will be best for you, there are many different services on offer. Here at Kia Designs we add value by actively managing the entire end-to-end buying process for you. We will manage the planning and actual purchasing of these products on your behalf, look after the logistics and installation, and see the project through with you from conception to completion.

It’s really important when you look at a gant chart of your project that you don’t become overwhelmed. We work with the contractors to make sure that all items are in when they need to be and that they have the information that they need to be able to carry out the work that was on the tender.

Isn’t that the same as project management?

We often get asked about project management and how is this different? From a client-side perspective, it can seem very similar as you aren’t directly involved in the day to day of the project and we co-ordinate with the contractors.


Note you might be interested in the way in which we procure items for you: ff&e procurement definition


We do work to optimise project efficiency by coordinating your delivery and installation however we don’t offer day-to-day project management. We offer procurement, this means that we have dedicated warehouse spaces and will use specialist installation teams who can not only install your furniture on-site, but also go the extra mile in hanging lights, installing artwork, or assembling furniture.


We are specialists and being able to find the right piece for every part of your design – even when items go out of stock (read about what happens when a chair disappears off the face of the earth).  We have worked in the industry for well over a decade and in that time we have acquired extensive product knowledge while working with hundreds of suppliers across projects.


We know what products are suitable and for which part of the project. Products that are suitable for a residential project for example, may not be appropriate for a high traffic commercial space. We also know how to pick items that will last you a lifetime and we can quickly provide you with alternatives that are suitable for your project. This knowledge is key to saving you time, and money.

The Finished Product

This is how procurement differs from project management. We are designing your home to be a finished product and will produce all the information and expertise needed to get it there. This doesn’t require us to be on site daily to oversee the site – we leave that to our trusted contractors.

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