Planning Permission For A Basement Conversion

There’s a lot to think about when you’re starting to plan for a basement conversion: What will you be using the space for? Will you be needing a separate front door? Are your neighbours aware? Do you have a party wall agreement in place?

There’s also a lot to find out

Do I need planning permission to convert my basement? The first move in order to answer this question would be to check with your local authority, who will be able to confirm whether planning permission is necessary.  They should also be able to give you a rough idea as to how long the whole process will take.

If you live in London, planning permissions will vary depending on your borough. Follow the link here to quickly check your local planning authority contact details. 

Unless you are wanting to change the interior of a basement space which already exists, the likelihood is you will need to apply for the permission to carry out the work. The use of a light well,  or any changes to how the property looks from the outside will likely require planning permission. If your building is listed, consent would be needed for internal work, as well as external.

We can help

If you do need permission, this is something we can help you with. We are aware that there is so much to think about, so taking this off your hands will probably help. We have experience of helping with planning and pre-planning applications for previous projects.

Even if it is not necessary for you to apply for planning permission for your work, before you begin your conversion work, you will need to have party wall agreements in place with neighbours who share walls with you.

Information on pre-planning can be found here.  

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