The Delights Of Parquet Flooring And Underfloor Heating


The beauty of underfloor heating is that you can do away with your radiators. This gives you more space flexibility within a room and therefore more options when it comes to planning the positioning of your furniture.

Tile and stone are traditionally the best type of flooring to use with underfloor heating, as they are both very good at conducting and retaining heat. However it is possible to find suitable underfloor heating for all sorts of different floor finishes, including wooden flooring.

Although solid wood is incredibly hardwearing, we would recommend using engineered wood flooring with underfloor heating. This is mainly because engineered wood resists better against moisture and heat, so it won’t swell or shrink with a heating system installed underneath.

Rather than being made from one solid piece of wood, each plank of engineered wood is made up of various layers of plywood and MDF, with a solid wood top layer. This gives the product extra stability and means it is extremely durable.

Learn more about engineered wood here 

It is worth noting that the floor surface temperature should not exceed 27ºC for a wooden floor, although thermostats specifically designed to be used alongside wooden flooring will automatically be set to protect the wood and will not go over this temperature.

Beautiful geometric parquet flooring with under floor heating we installed in a recent Knightsbridge renovation. Click here to view the whole apartment.

So, the good news is that you are still able to use wooden flooring into your home whether it is a traditional, rustic or modern style you are looking for, without having to forego the added luxury of underfloor heating. And what’s even better, it can be applied to all different sized rooms and it’s not as expensive as you’d expect.

One timeless style of wooden flooring we love is the geometric parquet design, which comes in different decorative forms. We have installed one example in one project in Knightsbridge

You can see some more examples of projects where we have installed underfloor heating under other engineered wood flooring here

If you’re after more, read on about our flooring recommendations.  

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