Valuable Reasons You Shouldn’t Judge A Design Before It’s Complete

A interior that is not finished is comparable to looking at the base coat of a painting and expecting to see the finished result without the finished details being added. Unfinished Interior Design is exactly the same.

You might want to read 10 reasons to hire an interior designer if you are still feeling a little nervous while half way through your design. Remind yourself of the reasons why you brought in a professional in the first place.

When you’re in the upheaval of the construction phase you can look at a half finished room and think that the layout might not work, which can be caused by a missing vital component, one such as a desk or additional storage, when that final piece is added it will all fall into place and your study will work as you had imagined it.

It can be particularly hard when it is so close to completion that you can see the promise of the room that it might be at the end but everything looks a little less magical than you might have wanted.

Having faith that the finished article is going to be perfect is important; try not to make the mistake of judging it at a half way point. This misleading stage of the design will not represent the finished article. For example, you may feel that the colours aren’t quite right, or even not what you expected, this may be caused by a couple of issues, such as the new lighting  scheme has not be installed, whether wall lights, spot light or even additional lamps – this will transform the colours in the room as well as the overall atmosphere.

Interiors, a lot of the time have to be deconstructed to be reconstructed, interiors are built up in layers and when all the layers are combined they will create a full picture, which is ready to be judged. It won’t look and feel like a home until it’s completed. Until it has all the finishing touches that makes it yours.

To give you a great idea of how true this is all these images are from our amazing Knightsbridge Apartment Interior Design and none of them look as good as you could have imagined the final design looking. 

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