A Fun Look At Some Of Our Bespoke Joinery And Cabinetry

We create a large amount of bespoke joinery and cabinetry for our clients. We find that it is often the best way to make the most of the space and when you’re looking to create something unique you have every tool available to you when you’re able to create something from your own wonderful imagination.   When a lot of people think of bespoke joinery they think of the very traditional set of built-in wardrobes and although we have created many versions of this, and will continue to – who doesn’t love a beautiful wardrobe!

Wardrobes are not the be-all and end-all when it comes to bespoke cabinetry and joinery we have used our extremely talented joinery houses to create absolutely every kind of furniture not just TV units, bookcases but that something that has a complete wow factor. They can transform a space, for example, you’ll see here are very different piece of joinery. These double bunk beds are completely bespoke and have been made specifically to be able to slot together in the way that you see here it’s the first of bunk beds so we did you also see here the second both very different in terms of the style however they are essential to be able to create a room that works for these clients. Having large families who often travel together means that when they are in London they wanted to be able to have many of the grandchildren and children come and stay on a regular basis as possible. In order to be able to do that using the space in this room in this way was the best possible option again, this is bespoke joinery but it’s a little bit different and certainly a much more creative look at a problem.

Again, bespoke furniture can often be about coming up with a very creative solution in this Hampstead cottage we need to do exactly that for clients who wanted a TV but they didn’t want it to be the centre point of the room. They needed to be able to see the TV from both the dining area and lounge area, they aren’t huge TV watchers but often have it on when they are working from home throughout the day to keep up with world news. They also wanted as much seating as possible in the lounge area. So we built out the seating to be a part of the bespoke joinery unit. What is fantastic about this unit is not just that it hides the TV in a very interesting way, with a TV lift that means that it keeps the lounge area, uncluttered when it’s hidden but it also means the seating isn’t just a standard sofa it’s actually open at the bottom. This was specifically done to be able to mean that the lovely underfloor heating actually goes underneath the seating portion or the joinery unit, that’s done so that the clients two gorgeous dogs can sit underneath this seating unit and have their own little heated area. A unique solution to a tight space and two dogs!


Last but most definitely not least we will leave you with this fantastic video of one of the smartest pieces of bespoke funriture we have ever designed. Is it a meditation area? A spare bed? A desk? It’s all of those and so much more.

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