Choosing The Best Interior Design Company For Your Home

One of the big fears when hiring an interior designer can be that you end up with a house that is completely devoid of personality and not a home that is full of memories and nods back to places you have been or experiences you have had. Interior Design is often a wonderful expression of self – that doesn’t mean you have to do it yourself. There are many decision and pieces of work that others do for us that are still inherently ‘ours’. Most people don’t colour or cut their own hair however it’s still your style and what you want.  Design is similar, we get to know you, get to understand what your style is and how you live. With that in mind, we create a home that is perfect for you and lasts a lot longer than a haircut.

Your Life, Your Home

Every one of our designs is very different. Almost to the point that when people look through the portfolio it can feel very disjointed looking at a mid-century modern penthouse next to a traditional townhouse. That is key when looking for an interior design company who is going to represent you and create a home that is as unique as you are. They need to be able to look at how you live and make sure that the design you need also contains the items that you want.

Different Approaches

Every design studio will have a different approach. As much as a lot of the time it can seem like an almost impossible choice, however, there are lots of information you should be looking at.

Look at what is said on independent sites such as Houzz or give them a google. What have they shown up in? Is their work being looked at throughout the industry and have clients previously given interviews for them? This is always a good way to know that clients were simply satisfied with their work – they were digitally shouting from the rooftops.


Read our clients interview on Design Sponge to see what they really thought of their home extension



Are they full of a lot of projects that are all different? A good place to start. If you’re looking at their portfolio and all the projects are different but “not quite your style” there is a good chance that designer is used to working with lots of different design aesthetics and will jump at the challenge to do a style they haven’t previously. Remember, if you’re looking for something unique their projects may be very wide and not always to your taste – they are designed for the client’s that live there!




Most Interior Designer and Interior Design Companies have social media and almost all of them have a blog. This can be a really good way of getting insight into their business. What are they blogging about? Does it seem like they are industry experts blogging about underfloor heatingprocurement and inviting contractors to price for your building work or are they blogging about the latest trends? The latest trends can be useful but they won’t be of much use if you are looking for a design company to take your project through from an idea through to a finished home – one that doesn’t date and takes your wants and needs into accounts.


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How To Make A Decision?

Sometimes it ‘feels right’. If you’ve done all your homework and you like their approach it will normally come down to hitting it off more with one designer over another. This person can be in your life for years if you’re doing a large scale build. It is important that you can sit down with them and have a good discussion. Make sure that whichever interior design companies you talk to that you will be mainly with one of their designers for consistency. That way you’re likely to feel a lot more comfortable.


If you still have questions or are struggling to make a decision feel free to get in contact, we can always help you compare and make the right decision for you and your home.

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