House Interior Design in Knightsbridge

Redesigning a home that you have grown up in can be a hard task. There are so many memories and it can be almost impossible to imagine the space any other way. However, if it isn’t working for you to its full potential often the only alternative is to look for a major refurbishment. It can be a hard place to put yourself emotionally but working with your designer we can keep the elements that you love and improve the ones that you don’t.


The Brief

To remodel the existing structure of a loved but now tired family home to form 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen with dining area and lounge. This house interior design in Knightsbridge was extremely specific and had a really good and clear brief.


This new layout will yield a more ergonomic use of space. It will provide more accommodation and suitable living area for a growing family.


The new proposed layout will make relaxing and entertaining more streamlined and bring more light into the flat. Bespoke wardrobe solutions will be tailored to the family’s jet setting lifestyle, providing designated suitcase spaces and easy hanging access.

The current decor will be updated and the fixtures and fittings modernised to create a comfortable, inviting London retreat.  For this design is was very important that it had a different feeling from our previous project for the clients father, you can see interior design in Knightsbridge on our portfolio page. You can also read about the very different inspiration for that design project, we explore the images behind the design.


The key for this design was being able to encapsulate all the details that made the space a home and make sure that they are all highlighted and built in to the new design. We don’t want to lose the essence of the home. We are careful to make sure that the spaces have been improved with the new layout, even adding in a third bedroom, without removing some of the charm of the property.


With large builds like this it can be slow progress. When you are taking absolutely every wall out things need to be checked and rechecked (we have a fantastic structural engineer we work with). It can seem like it has taken no time at all to turn in to a horrific building site and will take forever to become a complete home.



The New Design

The new design and layout is a lot punchier than the previous one. It has a lot of colour and texture. It instantly invites you in and makes use of the larger lounge area.


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