What Happens When A Chair Disappears Off The Face Of The Earth

When preparing interior design schemes for our clients we take time in sourcing each piece of the puzzle, whether it be furniture, fabrics or accessories, to create a complete design. Clients prefer to sign off on a complete scheme as opposed to individual pieces here and there and it creates a smoother process for both the client and us.

Make sure you are happy with every single detail of your new design

Hampstead Interior Design - Sunny Conservatory

We don’t order any items from the scheme until we have received client sign off. If it’s a while between presenting the scheme and sign off, some items may no longer be available (out of stock, limited edition pieces, etc). Let’s say the item no longer available is a dining chair, in this situation it is our job to find a suitable alternative that we feel is similar to the unavailable item or fits in equally well with the scheme. When we have found a number of similar chairs we will present them to the client for them to select their favourite. For ease, it may be a case that we send ad-hoc images. Sometimes clients find it tricky to visualise an ad-hoc image of the chair without the accompanying scheme and they may not see how well it works with the scheme. We encourage our clients to have a look at their approved design and visualise the alternative options alongside it to make an informed decision.


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There are times when the client will look at the new chair options and dismiss them entirely despite them being similar to the chair they were initially presented with. It may be that the client missed the chair on the original scheme and approved it without really noticing the chair in question, after all, there is usually a lot that we present you with! We always encourage our clients to look at schemes thoroughly and think about them long and hard to check that they are 100% happy with every single detail being they sign off. We are always happy to chat through any queries you may still have about the options we have chosen for you and together we will be able to make the right decision.

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