How do you charge?

To find out how much an interior designer costs you can check out our interior designer fees

Who buys the items?

We will purchase all the new items for you. They will all be sent to offsite storage and delivered to you and installed en masse. We charge a 25% buying fee, but pass on any/all trade discounts so that this figure is normally equal to you buying all the items at retail cost, but without any of the hassle of waiting in for goods to be delivered, lugging heavy boxes around, filing receipts and checking items are correct.

Do I need planning permission for my work?

Nearly all construction work carried out in the UK will require some form of planning permission, consent or acknowledgement. We will go through this process with you.

How long will my design take?

Until we have a good idea of the work to be done and the design specification, we can’t really give you an accurate answer. However, to give you a rough idea, we have prepared guides on projects with minor construction work, major construction or new builds and interior refresh/redecoration works only.

Is my project or budget too small?

We normally suggest clients allocate between 5-10% of the total budget on design fees. The studio design fees start at £1500 per room, with a minimum of 3 rooms, so if your budget is £10,000 our services would take a disproportionately large chunk of it.

Do you take on projects outside the UK?

Yes, we have worked with German house builders with clients who are based in Singapore for a project in Windsor. We are currently looking at projects in France and Dubai for clients. We have also worked with international clients who require the services of a translator.

How much input would I have?

We work with clients to deliver a service that fits their needs, we are happy to manage everything for a client who is often overseas or extremely busy, or happy to pop in and have coffee and discuss the design and take you around show rooms. Please be advised, we operate a ‘design freeze’ within the process, so at that point things can’t be changed or redesigned. That’s the part where you sit back and relax and we get everything done.

Do I have to use your architects and contractors?

No, we project co-ordinate contractors. We are happy to work with anyone you suggest (we don’t bite) or can provide you with the details of numerous reliable tradesmen. We are not, however, responsible or liable for anyone you bring onto the site, or any work they carry out.

What do I need to bring to my first design meeting?

If you’ve arranged a meeting with us we’ll need a few things from you. Mainly current floorplans and a few images of rooms that you like, plus a rough budget and an idea of what you want or need the finished product be. You can read more about the process here.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us, we are always happy to answer your queries!


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