Bringing Vibrant Colour to an Eclectic Family Home

Being an interior designer can be a very funny thing. You can often get pigeonholed into areas where you might not want to be. We have been extremely lucky to be able to have clients who can look past the most recent project we have done to the sheer breadth of the work we have in our portfolio. We adore that each of our projects is different and unique – like the clients that live in them. With that in mind, we continue to get projects that have their own vibrant personality and this is no exception.

When people have lived all over the world their homes are a great place to reflect on those experiences. Drawing together inspiration from all over the globe this home put a passionate and vibrant tilt on what could be a very bland suburban home.


These clients were unafraid of colour in the pieces of artwork they had collected. It meant that we were able to use a huge amount of colour ourselves. These vibrant pops and accents turned what had previously been a very beige colour scheme into something that produces a burst of life no matter where you are standing. It really was great to be able to put a velvet orange sofa in the lounge and have it work so perfectly. (Interested in how to decide on a colour scheme? Check out this post!)



We decided to go a little calmer for the bedrooms whilst still making sure that they had a few punchy colours in them. The master bedroom headboard wall literally lights up the room. What has also been so great working on this project is the history. I had previously worked with these clients to create their first home when they moved over from Russia 8 years ago. Many of the pieces we selected for them then have travelled with them through many homes and worked seamlessly with the new design.

The youngest child’s bedroom is not only a place of rest but also play. They previously had a separate play room, and we loved being able to create something that would both educate and inspire as they grow.

The bathrooms weren’t a disappointment when it came to colour. I can’t begin to tell you how much of a fan I am of that scalloped tile in the shower room. Every time we looked at the mood board it made me smile.

Check this project out in our portfolio for the full brief.

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