5 Things That 100+ Interior Design Projects Teach You

Check, check and check again 

Especially when working with new suppliers but even your most reliable can have a bad day.  It can be human error but it will be devastating if it happens at the wrong moment or when you are completely unprepared for it, not something you need on your interior design projects.

Leave enough run over

The ‘finish’ date is not the contractors finish date.  you are going to need a minimum of 2 weeks to clean, deliver, clean again and style before you want to move in.  It is a process that takes a lot longer than you would expect, we have spent many hours on site painstakingly putting together crystal chandeliers or threading murano balls for the perfect effect.  These tasks take time and ultimately require a mostly clean and empty site – you don’t want to be unpacking these items with a full building crew on site!

Kitchen Installation Knightsbridge

Trying to finish a design project

Decide how finished you want your project to be

A lot of our clients want a home that they can turn up to with a suitcase and very little else.  This can require all the extras including kitchen items, towels and completely stocked bathrooms.  If you are doing your project yourself you will want to leave enough time, budget and energy to get these time consuming tasks finished.

Everything ages, let it

If you’re specifying wood, marble or any other natural surface you will need to live with the natural beauty and delicacies of that product including its ageing process.  When wood gets scratched for the first time it can be heart stopping however it is a standard part of the life cycle of the product and it should be embraced rather than shied away from.

The end is always the most painful and nearly always the most rewarding

You will often need to set clear limits for all your contractors and don’t be afraid to push them on these limits.  Check in and make sure that you are doing all you can to support them whilst offering them a decent amount of urgency – this is your home and you do want it back eventually!

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