A House Or A Home?

Creating The Feeling Of Home

The feeling of home can often be hard to put your finger on but time and time again this is what we create for our clients. When people buy a house that’s often how they describe it “We’ve bought a house”. Even when they’ve moved in they often still call it that until they are able to turn into a home. Their home. Not a picture postcard of a home, not a brochure for a home but something that works for them each and every day. Everyone has a different idea of what their home should feel like, does it need to be open and yet still cozy? Does it need to be technologically advanced whilst still maintaining a facade of old school elegance?

These all sound like ideas that don’t mesh together very well. However, good design pulls these ideas together flawlessly. So that you almost don’t notice how well designed a space is. Until you stand in it and we show you all the small finished details that make it perfect for your day to day. Whether it be for a busy life with young children or a more relaxed holiday home that needs to work for only short periods throughout the year.

Completely hidden storage

Every project requires fantastic storage, being able to put our possessions away in places that make the most sense to our life is so important. It can remove the feeling of anxiety that can rise from not knowing where something is. It can help to unclutter your mind as we declutter the home. Leaving you feeling more relaxed and at ease in your surroundings.

We don’t just create beautiful houses or spaces we create homes. From large to small, every detail is curated to be able to create a polished interior that suits you. 

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