A Room With Many Functions: Multi Purpose Living

How To Make Your Tiny Flat Do More For You

Our Spitalfields project required us to create a guest room that also functions as a TV room, a gaming room, an office, a yoga space and a storage haven. Not much to ask…

Here is the brief from the clients:

“The current office and spare room will be redesigned to be a truly multifunctional room. It will provide a production space from which to work from home, whilst also working as a room for guests to stay. On top of this, the room will be able to be completely adaptable to free up floor space for yoga and other exercises, and also provide a relaxing space to cuddle up for movie and games nights.”

Kia Designs office brief

As the room is small, the obvious solution was to go for a wall/murphy bed. This will free up the floor space for yoga and allow the room to feel properly like an office when in use.

A storage sofa was selected, ideal for housing all those extra sheets/duvets and pillows.

The gaming was trickier, as the room is small, the maximum viewing distance resulted in either a very small TV, or one that required the sofa to go against a back wall (meaning the bed couldn’t fit) or the window (blocking out all the light). In the end, a dual purpose monitor for work which doubled as a TV was the best solution, which can be easily swivelled to suit any part of the room, ideal for costing up on the bed and watching movies on.

To help with the acoustics and make the office element easier, cork boarding was applied to 1 whole wall. It makes a design statement against the black feature wall, as well as being useful.

Hanging plants soften the room and help with its slightly mid-century modern feeling, and a punchy colour scheme sets off the overall look.



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