How to Create An Instant Extra Bedroom

How to translate usable daily space into a private spare room

Most people value spare or extra bedrooms when house hunting. Even more than generous reception/living space. A spare bedroom will add value, but more often than not you start with big ideas of it being a multitasking office/guest room and it ends up being a junk room with the Christmas tree and your old bike. With square footage at a premium, that’s an expensive cupboard.

flexible living space

Our Knightsbridge project yielded such a dilemma. The client would be using it when in London, sometimes with a large family in toe, sometimes just them, and sometimes the flat would be loaned to friends and relatives. The primary focus was for the flat to be a family home, so we focused on providing as much communal living space as possible, whilst also adding a 3rd bedroom/day room by means of a sliding wall. 

Interior Design as in industry have been moving more and more towards providing flexible living and working space. We ask a lot of our homes these days, and as moving is expensive and stressful, we prefer to have houses that will grow and adapt with us.

When open, as in the images below, the room becomes part of the main living area. It feels attached to the space through the common flooring and wallpaper. When the wall is closed it forms a completely private space, and the daybed has bedding in the wardrobe, ready to go. We have chosen to highlight the door, as it spends most of it’s life tucked away out of sight, but it would also have been possible to do it in the same wallpaper and make it sit flush, which would render it nearly invisible, save for a small shadow gap.

Sliding invisible wall Kia designs flexible living space


Kia Designs sliding wall knightsbridge Our sliding wall

For any more information on how adding a flexible extension to one of your rooms. Please contact Kia Designs today.

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