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Bespoke Furniture: What Money Can Buy

Bespoke furniture can really personalise your home, creating a space that you can use in exactly the way you wish to use it, it can also, in some cases add value, not to mention style. But well-made, bespoke furniture can also come with quite a large price tag, so it’s useful to know what you can cut in order to bring down costs.

Bespoke Storage Bed With Secret Storage and Pull Out Desk


As you might expect, some materials are more expensive than others, not only on basic cost, but in regards to the labour that goes into it. For example, if you wanted to have a bespoke piece that had brass legs, substituting brass legs for solid wood legs would be a cheaper option.

This also applies to the internals of your bespoke furnitures structure. A lot of furniture is made of a structural material, that is then veneered to make it look like solid wood. This is because solid wood is likely to warp and bow throughout the seasons, and usually tends to result in sticking draws and doors that wont open properly. Materials like birch ply are used as they are more structurally stable. However, a cheaper alternative would be an MDF or MRMDF. Although using MDF can reduce the overall price by around 5%, birch ply would be a better option for longevity.

Special Features – Mattress Lifting Mechanism

Specific Features

Features such as soft close doors/drawers or routed/inset handles are more costly than standard closing mechanisms or handles. These are quite easy things to cut down, however, do try to make sure you aren’t scrimping in the wrong places, we do all love a soft close cupboard.

Type of Storage

Different types of storage, for example, hanging space, open cupboards and drawers, all come in at different prices. As drawers need more components and are fiddly to fabricate, these are usually more expensive than say open storage or cupboards. So if you need to cut down on costs, and don’t specifically need drawers, they are a great way of bringing costs down.

Check out some of the bespoke furniture that feature in our projects on our portfolio page by clicking here.

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