Creative Bathroom Design: Get The Look

Translating Client Dreams to Realities

One of the bathrooms in a project we worked on was lacking in style and character. By adding fun tiles and and interesting collection of artwork, the space was injected with the much needed charm and fun the clients are after.

Updating your bathroom can be one of the most satisfying amendments you can make to your home. It’s a room you spend lots of time looking around. It’s also a room that gets dirty and mouldy easily and one that we really associate germs and necessary cleanliness with. In short, people like and expect their bathrooms to look fresh. 

For some reason bathrooms are often the room people chose to express themselves in. You’ll find more personal taste design choices in bathrooms than any other room in the house. That’s usually why they end up dating quickly, as people go for a stronger, more magazine like look rather than going for classic fixtures with trendy styling.

The best way to make a bathroom look clean and fresh is to reassess the lighting. Soft cool LEDs will give a sterilised bright look, that often suits windowless rooms. If you have a more traditional style room, then opt for multi level lighting, as having under lit vanities and no dark shadows around the bottom of the toilet always makes the room look bigger and more inviting.

Our clients had sent over these images from Houzz. This is the feeling they wanted to go for in their bathroom. Fun and contemporary with a sense of urban cool.


We looked at their requirements for the amount of storage needed, their personalities, design ideas and the fact one of them needs a smaller bath and came up with this:



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