Electrical Plan Design for Small Apartment

Electrical plans are a crucial part of tender documents. They include position of light sources as well as socket and switches. A properly solved electrical plan design will make the movement around your home effortless and help you create a functional and atmospheric home. There are a few important elements of a good electrical plan design. 

Here are 5 tips for your electrical plan design

1.Lighting sources. Lighting can influence the mood of the interior in a very dramatic way. Setting up light sources in the right places well impact the colours of the interior as well as the mood and feeling of the space. This is why electrical plans are so important. Designing the layout with lighting in mind will allow for your zones to be greatly enlightened and those special features will be even more visible, whilst hiding those which should stay of sight. There is a huge selection of lighting and you are not limited to only pendant and table lamps. In our recent project, due to the ceiling structure, we focused mainly on working with wall lights and floor lamps. With the diverse range of lighting available today you can create a bright and interesting interior even with only two types of light sources.


2.Types of sockets. Since technology is moving forward so quickly, even the humble socket has changed. They are multifunctional now. For example, sockets can include a USB plug, allowing for charging a mobile phone, or any other device.

  • 5amp sockets. You want all those table lamps to light up when you switch the light on? Install the 5amp sockets. If you add this to your switch plate, all the connected table or floor lamps will turn on at once.
  • Built-in sockets. Currently, to fit our clients need we incorporate sockets in kitchen units, shelving or even dining benches, so when you want to sit down with your laptop on the window seat you can easily plug it in.


3.Switches. To make the interior design look coherent, pick the switches from the same series as sockets. In terms of sockets the most important is their position. First of all the height; there is a standard height for those, around 120cm from the floor level. However you adjust it to your preferences. Try to think how you move around the flat, where you come in or where you go to bed, so you can easily turn on and off the light without running around the house. Plates can include between 1 and 8 switches, however to make it more accessible, at Kia Designs, we use maximum of 4 switches at one plate.

Electrical Plan Design #102

4.Location. When marking down locations of sockets you have to keep in mind not only appliances like a kettle or toaster, but also those that are connected permanently like dishwasher and oven. And don’t forget that hoover needs to be plugged in as well! It is worth having a low level socket in every room so you can vacuum the room without dragging the cable from other parts of the house. Remember, when removing the walls how the movement will flow around rooms, and mark where the switches will be most intuitive.

5. Aesthetics. Sockets and switches can become a part of your interior décor. With current selection of finishes and plate materials, you can find anything from simple, transparent switches up to marble and brass finish, so it can fit all the styles you can dream of. It can be hidden or create a statement, whatever you want.

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