Green For Good – How We Do It At KD

We try as much as possible to be a green company and maintain an eco-friendly office environment. 

On a small scale, we have our milk delivered to the office in glass bottles, use reusable milk bottle tops by MOOPOPS (which come in a great selection of shades!) and use Tea Pigs as our preferred tea supplier – they have delicious teas which a made in compostable bags. In fact, all their packaging is totally compostable too.  We have a food recycling box in our kitchenette and we keep our reusable coffee cups in our site bag.




We are also a paperless office. There are times when we will need to print floor plans or other documents and we of course use notebooks to sketch in, but on the whole, we don’t keep (and don’t like!) paper. The majority of our work is done online and on our laptops, which also enables us to very easily work remotely – whether that is on site, on the go or from home. It also ensures that we are not printing off too many unnecessary pieces of paper.



In regards to our projects, we try to reuse larger electrical items which are still in a fit state such as ovens, tumble dryers and fridges, where it works with what the client wants.

Where these older items become surplus and ‘rubbish’ on other projects, we try as much as possible to ensure they don’t just go to landfill. Refurbishing a property can create large amounts of waste and we are so aware of how important it is to do our bit.

We’ve sold items on eBay, had them taken to recycling centres and have also once arranged for some of these items to go direct to a family really in need, which was great.

Another way of doing this is arranging furniture items to go to charity. We will arrange collections for clients from charities local to them. Some we have liaised with in the past are the British Heart Foundation (they also collect electrical items), Sue Ryder and the Furniture Donation Network. It’s simple to arrange and a brilliant way of injecting a new lease of life into these items.

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