Interior Architecture: Adding Value with an Extra Bathroom

Make space: Make money

Thinking of moving? It might be worth making a few minor improvements to increase the value of your home.

Thinking of buying? Don’t let a property’s lack of amenities put you off, adding an extra bathroom can be quick to do (weeks, not months) and with clever positioning, won’t eat up too much of your floor space.

Any small space can be converted into a wet or shower room


A second bathroom can add up to 16% to the value of a property, so it’s always worth considering. Try and go for bathrooms of equal size with separate toilets for rentals, and ideally no ensuite for multiple occupancy rentals. For family’s go for larger en suites (with plenty of storage) gone are the days of these being a shower add-on for a master bedroom, these are now technically the main bathrooms of a property. Family bathrooms should also be spacious and contain copious storage. Guest en suites and cloakrooms should be kept to a minimalist design. These need to be easy to keep clean.

The “bathroom premium” phenomenon identified by the Nationwide showed that about 20 per cent of homes have two or more bathrooms, and 10 per cent of new properties are being built with three or more.The situation was very different just seven years ago when 93 per cent of properties had just one bathroom.

The “bathroom premium” is highest in London, where it adds 15.6% to a property, 6.7%  in the East Midlands and 10.3% in the North West.

Luxury fixtures and fittings are always desirable in the capital. Go for high quality hardware if you can.

Maximise your space with a sliding door. It allows you to use bulkier units on either side of it and gives you more flexibility with spacial planning.

Before:We reconfigured the floor plan in the 1930s mansion block flat, swapping the kitchen into the entrance hall/lounge and adding an extra bedroom with small ensuite. This resulted in a 25% increase in value


After: The area that was the kitchen and utility have been transformed into a large single bedroom with small shower ensuite

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