Leather In Our Interior Designs

Leather is a fantastic thing, it has been used throughout the generations to create everything from simple tools to some of the most amazing ornate fashion pieces.  We use it in many of our interior designs from covering entire walls to opulent finishing touches such as embossed leather waste bins. The project below shows you how versatile leather panelling can be in a design, here is provides a luxurious background to our design.  Bespoke items like this are created my our wide selection of craftsmen with who we are able to create any design we envisage.

Interior Designer Marylebone London leather

Leather wall covering

There a plethora of different types of embossed and grained leathers the world is literally your oyster and you can even mix a colours to your exact requirements.  Tanneries are amazingly versatile and can give you a huge selection and leather can be used for interior items from chairs, flooring and wall covering.  Although watch your stiletto heels on the leather flooring, it doesn’t mean that it’s not possible but those first couple of marks can often be devastating.

Generally speaking if it is a very plain looking skin it will have been sanded back and painted, this produces an extremely plain design and with some skins you can barely register that it is leather except for the texture the colour is that unembellished and grainless. This kind of leather is extremely cost effective as it is machine produced on a massive scale (around £4.25/foot and a cow hide is roughly speaking 50 square feet)

leather accessories

Textured cushions

For our interior designs we often use some of the more luxurious finishes such as embossed, woven and laser cut.  We are also very partial to embroidered options as it produces a finish unlike any other.  In upcoming design projects we have used it for wall panelling, office chairs, desks, bedside cabinets, hand rails and even flooring. Your own imagination is the only limit what you can achieve with this incredibly diverse material.

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