Meeting the Brief: Spitalfields Challenge

From Shabby to Chic

Another month, another new project. Our latest is a lovely young couple to want to turn their apartment into a proper home. They have ambitious plans for multi-functional rooms and lots of entertaining. Our brief was as follows:

To inject the clients fun loving personalities into their slightly worn and dated 2 bedroom apartment. A complete refresh and slight adaptation of the interior spacing will revitalise the already much loved apartment into a home that can multitask and work hard to give the clients what they need. With large bright windows and charming open-plan living, the space will be much better suited to the clients’ needs for storage, study requirements and room for visiting guests.

Kia Designs living room design

The open-plan living space will be adapted to cater to the clients, who love to cook and regularly entertain friends and family. Household items that have been bought and loved over the years will be carefully sewn into the overall design. These will create the basis for a design that is organically put together, where each piece builds on one another and creates a number of different textures, rather than an extremely curated and calculated, showroom feel. This will also help the room grow with the occupants over the years, allowing pieces to be switched in and out without compromising the design.

Filling the brief and scope

A possible re-jigging of the current storage space in the entrance hall, will create a more organised space for utility and cleaning equipment, as well as suitcases and miscellaneous items. This will leave the hall feeling a lot more spacious and welcoming to their many visitors and provide concealed storage for things to be tucked away out of site.

Hallway brief and design

In the next blog post we will look at how we approached the master bedroom, bathroom and office/TV room/guest room.

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