On the search for… armchairs

Today we are looking for armchairs for a client, however they have to be

1. not too chunky

2. look good paired up

3. hopefully have a love seat version that can go in another area of the room

So our first option… The tweed from Beautiful modern thing. I like it, its got a nice look too it – not too large or chunky and the price is amazing

Next up is a little more masculine, again from Beautiful Modern Thing-  The Tullio.

Next up something a larger but still not considered chunky. I like it in this gorgeous velvet. Sennen from Sofas and Stuff

Okay so all of these are great on points 1 and 2 but they all fail miserably at point 3 – guess I am going to have to look for a separate snuggler chair!



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  • MCA April 9, 2012   Reply →

    We have a cupid's bow seat which invites friendship or love at Lapaloosa.co.uk, but it may not be quite what you are looking for as it is pretty vivid. I'll put my thinking cap on for any other makers I might have come across that could work for you. Melanie

    The link is Lapaloosa.co.uk/products/cupids-chair. Forgive not being able to give you a pic or a direct link but I'm abroad and don't have access to my normal material.

  • Yvette April 12, 2012   Reply →

    We would be very happy to work with you to create exactly what you want! If you think we may be able to help you, then please feel free to email me at yvette@furnituredivas.co.uk

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