The Ultimate Gift: Your Own Interior Designer

Let professionals create the home they have always dreamed of

A stylish and comfortable home that improves your quality of life and impresses all your friends is a thing of joy. Ever thought of giving someone an Interior Design service as a present? An Interior Designer can take all the stress out of what can be a very stressful process.


Do you know someone who has been meaning to ‘sort out’ their space for a while but is too busy? Our lovely meditation house in Tufnell Park started life as a gifted service. You too can give the gift of great design this Christmas. It’s as easy as sending us an email. You can purchase the design service per room on behalf of someone else and we’ll sweep in and talk to them about what they want and how they live and create a bespoke space with minimum hassle.


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Let someone else make the big decisions

You Can Turn Their Dreams Into Reality

1. You won’t waste time researching thousands of items of furniture. We have an encyclopedic knowledge of the right products for your budget, plus we have access to several trade only suppliers and trade discounts – which we pass on to you.


2. See your room visualised. Take the guess work out of creating a beautiful space. We know exactly how many meters from the TV the sofa should be, and what height to position it for maximum viewing comfort. You won’t ever have a piece of furniture not fit through your front door when using a professional, and our trained eye for layout will mean you get the most out of your space.


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3. If you decide to go further and get us to purchase the items on your behalf, then you avoid the hassle of having to order through several suppliers (that’s a lot of address form filling, and a lot of waiting around for deliveries). We do the ordering, track the deliveries, store them for you, check for damage or wrong deliveries and then have them all brought in on one day, where we unwrap and set everything up so that you can walk right in and get on with life.


Now that’s better than another pair of socks and an orange, right?

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