Why should I choose Kia Designs over In-House Designers at High Street Stores?

Well to be honest; we are just simply so much better! And here’s why…

There are a number of well known high street stores that offer an in-house design service. Fees vary from one store to another. The potential downfalls of using a high street store are : the sales assistant will undoubtedly earn commission on every item that is sold to you. Therefore, the more they sell, the more they earn. Sales assistants have targets to reach and this will almost always be the background priority for them when putting a scheme together. You will of course be restricted to materials only sold by the store themselves and, lastly it is possible that the sales assistant will try to sell lines which are not doing so well or end of lines “because they are more cost effective”.

The benefits of using an independent designer are wide ranging. Kia Designs Ltd are able to build a scheme around almost anything. We are able to visit your home, take detailed measurements, check the orientation of the room and build a scheme around any existing pieces you wish to keep. It is near impossible to design a room you haven’t seen! If you have fallen in love with a beautiful picture, a vivid wallpaper or garish but beautiful material but do not know how to use it to its best advantage, least of all what else to match with it, we can help you in making the right design decisions to suit your “must have” piece.

We can offer many different furniture options and are able to negotiate excellent prices with our independent suppliers ensuring that we can pass much of the savings on to you. If you have found an item of furniture already please let us know, we can often negotiate a better price than you would be able to. Bespoke items can be extremely expensive but this is not always the case. We are able to order bespoke furniture sometimes at little more than the cost of off the peg furniture. These will make your room feel special and fit the space perfectly, a bit like a handmade suit. Exclusivity is never out of fashion !

Still not convinced? Have a read of our testimonials from previous clients

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  • KOTHEA July 2, 2010   Reply →

    As a supplier to the trade only ie Interior Designers in London like Kia, I have to echo what she says.

    Suppliers rely on designers as their distribution network to the wider market,there are lots of them so we need to protect that business rahter than discounting to the one-off purchase from Jo Bloggs of the general public.

    So the trade price IS always cheaper than the retail price often by a considerable margin for some interiors products.

    Now designers vary how they charge for their services. Basically reflecting either time and or a margin on materials used. So sometimes some designers make a smaller margin on materials than retail outlets would do for exactly the same item.

    So to cut a long blog post short, I would definately recommend using an interior designer. you reduce the risk in the project and your valuable personal time committments and it may not be as expensive as you thought compared to the retail prices YOU could negotiate.

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