Why Should You Choose a Bespoke Items?

In most cases, your interior designer will try to match your taste and your expectation and translate them into stunning interiors full of unique and interesting items. We try to design the furniture that will fit not only to your space, but it will represent your style and complement the features of the room. One way to do that is to go for bespoke items. Tailored to measure furniture make your space look unique and personal. What are the other advantages of bespoke items?

Bespoke Rug1. They are made to measure. What does it mean? If you don’t have enough room for dining table, or the TV unit does not fit your tv, you can just order item that would be made to your requirements and measurements, making your space looking polished and finished.

2. They are mostly high end products. What does it mean? Maybe their price is higher, but it is usually caused by the quality of the material and the level of details. They are in most cases hand made, especially if order from a small factories.


3.You can customise them. In terms of fabrics, wood finishes, height and so on. Possibilities are endless and they allow you to make the piece very personal. No matter if you are thinking about sofa or desk, with bespoke items you can match your interior style as well as your needs, so don’t pick very fancy but too big sofa armchair, just because that’s the only one that fits in to your living room.

Bespoke items - storage

4.They deliver and assemble them. All of the companies that are producing bespoke items, are happy to deliver them to your place, as well as assembly (if necessary), so there is no need to worry about carrying them up to 4th floor, or trying to organise help and tools.

It usually requires more time to get a bespoke piece then ready of the shelf item, but they compensate it with timeless quality and beautiful fit to your home.

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