Ballroom Redesign, SW5

- Renovation - / Earls Court
  • Living Space: 807 ft²
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 2

Brief and Scope:

The focus for this Earl’s Court Interior Design project was to maximise the space and value of this grand apartment, once the ballroom of an elegant townhouse, for rental or resale. The original space, whilst stunning, still retained a feeling of its former function, rather than being a home. It was important to create different ‘zoned’ spaces which felt independant from each other. We redesigned the cluttered layout and by incorporating the kitchen into the living room area we gained enough space to include a small private gym. By reconfiguring the space on the mezzanine we were able to turn a small bathroom into a luxurious ensuite with a bath, walk-in shower and walk-through wardrobe.

We needed to create the perfect entertaining space, something that would be elegant and relaxed.  With a 5m ceiling height in the main room our features needed to be eye catching and large, it was unlikely that our designs were going to dwarf the space!  We kept and helped restore quite a few of the features that the property had, although not likely the originals we wanted to keep the apartment as true to it’s origins as possible hence we kept the fireplace, shutters and cornicing only adding finishing touches that would increase their beauty such as a new fire basket for the fireplace and handles for the shutters.

With such a large space it is very important to ‘zone’ it correctly. We wanted each area to have it’s own feeling whist working together as a whole. We had three main zones that we needed to incorporate in to the design, the kitchen, the dining area and the living area.

Kitchen Design

The kitchen would still be part under the mezzanine area so would have a very low ceiling height in this area with the island unit that would separate it from the main section of the room mostly having the full 5m ceiling height.  For this reason it was very important that the run of kitchen cabinets that covered this wall were fantastic storage but would not be a feature as we didn’t want to draw attention to the low ceiling height.  In this run of cupboards we are able to incorporate a large fridge freezer, a full heigh pantry unit and shelving in for all the crockery.   The main feature of the kitchen design was to be island unit. We wanted to mesh together a modern serving area that would be great during parties together with a sleek cooking area, for this reason we used a convection hob rather than a more traditional looking gas hob, this together with the built under down draft extractor gives an extremely sleek and modern look.

The original ballroom space was transformed into a stunning and modern living space, but still kept the atmosphere of its original function. Tall ceilings added certain gravitas to the space, but in the same was challenging in creating relaxing and contemporary living area. Clever usage of lights made this space more interesting. The Tom Dixon copper chandelier above the dining table requested a lot space to create the ‘wow’ effect so it was the perfect place for it. Its reflection in the massive mirror above the fireplace created an interesting visual effect.
The second zone of the room is the kitchen and dining area, visually separated by a kitchen island and seats. The color of the kitchen cupboards perfectly matches the color of the wall, while a stunning rug and lights play the main role in the living area. To preserve the atmosphere of the original room, the fireplace, cornice and shutters were kept. These, mixed with very contemporary pieces allowed to create very unique and bespoke interior.
Additionally, transforming the layout allowed the introduction of another feature – gym. Extra storage under the stairs was transformed into a stunning wood bookshelf, which iconic and slick armchair creates reading zone. The dining table arranged with modern plastic chairs was what joined two different styles together, keeping the space interesting yet very comfortable.

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