Built For The Future, SW15

- Renovation - / Putney
  • Living Space: 1700 ft²
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 4

Brief and Scope:

Having brought a 4 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment in Putney, these clients were looking for a complete refurbishment and a new layout. A design that would give them an open plan living space as well as 3 extra bathrooms – the challenge was to not lose any bedrooms to be able to accomplish it!  This Putney Interior Design project created this most amazing space for this modern family.

Having often designed their own living spaces that found that they never felt truly ‘finished’, the design simply ending when their interest waned. They were dreaming of having a well designed and sophisticated interior. Playing around with the internal layout evolved into creating a more functional and harmonious interior.

Adding an extra wall into one of the bedrooms resulted in creating one of the three additional bathrooms as well as a study. Through interior architectural changes, a beautiful open-lounge area was created. At the same time, the whole floor received became much brighter. Changing the positions of the walls within other two room allowed to create two separate bathrooms, making the space more usable and functional.
A glamourous black and white hallway with a crystal chandelier and dark wood creates the “wow” affect right from the entrance. Traditional panels on the walls combined with dark flooring is what makes this space elegant and timeless

Putney Interior Design

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