Colourful Creations, N19

- Redesign - / Archway
  • Living Space: 2240 ft²
  • Bedrooms: 4/5
  • Bathrooms: 3

Brief and Scope

This residential interior design project was for a client who loves colour, and wanted to reclaim the house after his children had flown the nest. He wanted deep and rich colours throughout without the property feeling too dark.

The living room focused on a palette of vibrant purple mixed with slick silver and gold tones, creating a sophisticated and welcoming space full of character. The room mixes the client’s original furniture with new, fresh pieces creating a coherent story between the old, the new, the existing features of the room and the fresh colour scheme.

The bedrooms are decked out in untraditional red tones. The splashes of red in the carpet and on the curtains complement the red velvet headboard, which is the main focus point in the room. The client wanted a dramatic space that was rich in texture and that made the most of the proportions of the room. To fill the space, we lengthened everything out, and set the bed higher, hotel style, with a longer, thicker mattress, and wider side tables. Velvet was used throughout the room, not only on the headboard, but also on the bedside tables, the lampshades and the curtains, to add to the drama of the room whilst keeping it soft. The metallic lamp stands really pop against the more sedate chocolate tones of the wallpaper, wardrobes and dark wood floor.

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