Extended Family Apartment, W1

- Redesign - / Baker Street
  • Flat 9 : 1238 ft²
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Flat 10 : 1647 ft²
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 3

Brief and scope:

Create a design for two apartments that make up the fifth floor of a new development in Marylebone that will be suitable for the client and has large extended family when they are in the UK several times throughout the year.

This project, in fashionable Marylebone, involved refurbishing several flats within an apartment block to house multiple members of the client’s family. As a Marylebone Interior Designer we have often worked on projects where large amounts of extended family wishes need to be incorporated into the interior design brief and scope. The focus in each flat was on large family gatherings and social activity, so extra large unique pieces dominate the reception spaces.

The client required a muted, relaxed colour palette. The artwork is all bespoke to fit the space and compliment the neutral fabric tones, you can read about how they were created, the process and why we decided to use bespoke art within this design project. The majority of the bespoke upholstery was produced by Hulsta, and each of the spaces comfortably seats 20 people.

Warm textures and luxurious fittings and fixings, as well as leather clad walls and lighting from Porta Romana add a tone of elegant sophistication to the rooms. The design had to be comfortable and relatively minimalist, as they are seasonal homes and must be easy to leave for months on end. This build involved the use of a translator, as the client spoke no English, but it turns out good design transcends language barriers.

The layout for the main living areas was kept very minimalist, the focus being on making sure that the whole family could enjoy these spaces comfortably.  With such large sofas it was important to maintain enough interest in the rest of the room for it to not look like everyone was sitting on the tube! The bespoke artwork was extremely important in being able to bring the areas together as they pulled in colour together with texture that was very needed in these designs.

Coordinating with the contractors meant pulling together many different trades people to be able to carry out each part to the letter, clear and concise instructions are always the way to do this.  Especially when you have bespoke pieces such as the rugs, wall panelling and artwork that were hand crafted to make the most of the space.

The finished design providing our client with two beautiful new homes that worked well together and also functioned perfectly independently of one another.  If you are looking to carry out your own interior design project you can always contact us to discuss it.

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