New Build Refresh SW19

- Redesign - / Wimbledon

  • Living Space: 967 ft²
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 2

Brief and Scope:

To transform a new build 2 bedroom flat in Wimbledon into a modern, interesting, warm and characterful home. Areas for studying to be introduced to both bedrooms and improved storage throughout the property.

Having lived in their new build flat for 18 months, the clients have struggled to make it truly feel like home. They would like to make it a more characterful and useable space but are trepidatious about getting it wrong. The limited storage available isn’t adequate, and there is a concern that adding more will result in a cluttered and busy looking space.

The kitchen requires some additional and more convenient lighting and sockets, pull-out shelving and a way to conceal dirty dishes from diners and guests. 

The living room area needs a reconfigured layout, new furnishings and additional seating. Zoning will help define it as a separate space from the kitchen.

A repository for shoes and general household items will be provided into the hallway, as well as a charging point for general appliances, likewise specific storage solutions for items in the utility room.

Both bathrooms require some minor repairs, additional storage and possibly the introduction of a douche spray, budget allowing.

The master bedroom will need a proper lock for the door, a small desk area to act as stand in when the guest room is occupied, a dresser for additional storage and a TV.

The guest room will benefit from an extra wardrobe, large desk area with room for office essentials, and a set of bedside tables.

We will introduced a varied colour scheme, mixed throughout the property which will draw attention and focus to different parts of each room, whilst keeping the look clean and far from boring. Creative use of paint will be a cost effective way to add interest and create mood, it will also be easy to update and refresh if scuffed or scraped. It will also inject a sense of fun into the design, whilst remaining a sophisticated, adult space.

Complimentary clean lines in muted textiles with accented colour will bring warmth and depth to the design and provide character and atmosphere to each individual room.