Inspiring Office Design: A New Adventure for Kia Designs

Last month, we at Kia Designs celebrated 10 years by launching a new avenue for our business. For the last 10 years Kia Designs has been focused the residential interior, bringing beautiful, intelligent design into the homes of our clients. When our office space stopped working for us, we went back to the drawing board and redesigned it to work smarter and better for our professional needs. In creating our new workspace, we found we were able to bring our expertise to a new field.


k-do, the new branch of our business, will create bespoke designs for corporate and business clients. We will work with clients so that their needs, and budgets, are met while providing a beautiful, functional work-space. We look forward to bringing our vision, our dedication, and our keen sense of functional design to future work-spaces across London.


We celebrated the launch of k-do in our new office space with Workspace. Clients, suppliers, and contractors joined us for a night of bespoke drinks (from the wonderful mixologists at The Bar Guys) and delicious nibbles (provided by Eden Caterers and Yamato Sushi).  The team from Eporta mingled with our rep from The Rug Company, RHJB Architects, currently working on a project with us, enjoyed canapés with satisfied clients from years past. We were delighted to host such great company, and know that this successful celebration will ring a great future of both commercial and residential projects for the Kia Designs team.

Visit our new branch at!

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