Amazing Arte Wallcoverings Accentuate A Modern New Build: A Sneak Peek

Have a little sneak peek into one of our live projects

We are currently in the purchasing stage of this project, the design is all signed off and we cannot wait to get the items installed.

We are very excited about putting up a beautiful Arte wallcovering into one of the bedrooms.


This Arte wallcovering is a non-woven vinyl with metal foil strips formed in the shape of honeycomb. The foil adds that special texture which has a powerful impact. Its beautiful honeycomb structure brings in that nod to nature and really adds an extra layer of interest to the room’s design.


The Hive design is from the Ligna collection and comes in a selection of colourways; the foil trim shade differs depending on the background colour.


In more recent years there has been a real development in wallpaper and there is much more choice when it comes to how to cover a wall. There are all sorts of beautiful wallcoverings on now offer, made with a whole variety of natural materials like silk and bamboo and recyclable materials, as well as man-made materials such as vinyl. They can often be more robust than wallpaper and be used in kitchens and bathrooms too. The use of wallcoverings can offer that extra special touch to a room, bringing in interest and excitement. They can often be a welcome alternative to paint. Have a peruse through the extensive Arte International collections here.


We’re teaming the Hive up with the below lovely pieces, which will look great against the wallcovering backdrop. The dark will be nicely off-set with some more natural materials; the wooden shelving linking back to the gold of the honeycomb shape.



 Have a look at our portfolio to take a tour to see the finished room and whole apartment.

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