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Sometimes it can be difficult to really understand what your home is going to look like when it’s all done. Some of the largest decisions can seem to be too large without being able to actually see them, especially if they are a large investment. One of our projects includes a large refurbishment in Dorking and there are some big decisions to be made, the largest being on the flooring (your questions on flooring have been answered). The client was struggling to be able to make a decision on which direction to go. The brief includes Scandinavian and Japanese influences and with these two influences a big decision needed to be made when it came to the flooring – do we go with a white oak or a dark wenge.  Both will create an impact but shift the design in a different direction.


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Same Room Different Views

Part of our interior design service is to make sure you feel like you are making the right decision and eliminating those bad decisions. Although we were pretty sure that either floor would work one instantly rang out as more appealing for our client – the Scandinavian. We had been working to a slightly different brief we may have made a very different decision.

With the redesign of the property, we had been working to open the space up – having knocked several rooms together to create a large open space for her young family. With the open feeling in mind, the client instantly was drawn to the lighter flooring. It helped make the most of the newly opened space and make the room seem even larger. 3d renders may still not be perfect but they helped our client make a decision that could have not only cost her alot of money but also a few sleepless nights about whether she had made the right decision for her design. Our design service helped to remove those worries and now we can’t wait to be able to get in to the property and make this dream a reality.

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