Keeping Cosy in Waterloo: A Sneak Peek

Let’s take a look behind the curtain at the brief for our Waterloo new build.

The aim was to furnish and decorate a newly built two bedroom apartment in the heart of Blackfriars. The property has spectacular views and we aimed to make the most of the quirky angles and vistas. The decor would be a sleek, contemporary interior with a slight Scandinavian edge, with warm wood accents and a cool colour scheme. The finished product would be a perfect cosy retreat atop the city. The main feeling overall would be open and inviting with the ability to seat larger numbers when entertaining, while still feeling welcoming for the clients when they are on their own.

The initial inspiration and design images:


The design included changing the floor from the developer’s specified porcelain stone tiles to a lovely engineered wood. (Is engineered wood real wood? We answered that question!) This would give the space a softer and more individual feel. We originally planned to change the tiles in the winter garden as well for a more bohemian look, but unfortunately the developer refused to let us.



It can be hard to make a new build feel like your own, especially in a tall building with numerous identical flats. Slightly changing some of the designated features, like the flooring, or changing the kitchen cabinet colour can have a huge impact on how you view your space. Adding bespoke furniture and getting curtains made in a fabric you love will also have distinguish and define your home.

To see more about this project, check out our house tour!

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