What’s In A Project Proposal: Wimbledon Refurbishment


We love being able to take you behind the scenes of projects however a lot of the time you don’t get to see everything that leads to a client signing. Every interior design studio in London will be slightly different however here at Kia Designs we send through a full proposal once we have done a first meeting on site.


This is normally a 6-15 page document depending on the complexity of the project. This proposal was 6 pages and all the information the client received is laid out below.

First Meeting On Site

This includes all parties who will be making decisions on the design and will have an input. It’s normally on site unless we are building a property from the ground up.

If you’re wondering how to prepare for your first design meeting, we have you covered

For this proposal we are diving in to a refurbishment of a house in Wimbledon. The client had found us through our extension project (Before & After: A Kitchen Renovation and Expansion in London) being featured on Design Sponge. They are a couple in a terraced property and have previously updated the ground floor but it is now in need of a more considered approach especially as they now have 2 small children under 5.

Project Approach

  • Redesign of the current home to include the redesign of 2 bathrooms (one family and one ensuite)
  • We want to make the most of the space by possibly rearranging the top floor to create a master suite, rearranging the ground floor to make the most of the space and allow for a smoother flow from the front of the house to back.
  • Adding in a single bedroom and single bathroom unit to the back garden to allow Shujoya’s parents to come and stay more regularly
  • Create a design that is comfortable, light and open making the most of the spaces that the house currently offers for entertaining including creating an open plan space that also allows for seating
  • We want to make sure we use the current technology in the home (sonos) and improve upon it
  • The focus has been on bringing in more art in to the house and bridging the gap between the more finished look of the front room and the rest of the house

Simple Project Brief

To create a contemporary and sleek home that will be perfect for entertaining whilst providing a space that feels open and welcoming. It needs to be able to grow with the family and feel fresh and easy to keep through out day to day life.

The design needs to be mid-century modern without taking note of the most recent ‘trends’ as it needs to be able to stand the test of time – not look weathered within a few years.

The design is a classic feel with luxurious finishes and lighting that is architecturally sensitive.

Light, open and airy is the overall feeling. All rooms to make the most of the windows.

Initial Project Budget


All this information gives the clients a starting point to make a decision on which way to go with the design and how we would initially allocate their budget (if they have set one). If they haven’t set a budget it gives a good basis for the kind of budget that they would be looking at based on the design that they have chosen, the quality that they are expecting, the amount of time they expect to stay in the property and the size of their current home. It is also based on over 100 completed projects giving us a vast amount of experience in being able to produce designs to the specifications required by our clients.

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