Spotlight On: Anne Kyyrö Quinn

When I say the words “acoustic wall coverings” most people will think of the traditional look for creating an acoustic sensitive room – egg boxes. Anne Kyyrö Quinn has turned that entire idea on it’s head by providing architects, designers and sound technicians with somethings completely different with their bespoke acoustic wall coverings.

These are works of art, handmade to be able to provide a visual interest that is a massive leap from egg boxes!


“sculptural silhouettes, minimalist motifs and textured surfaces, the fabrics designed by Finnish-born artist Anne Kyyrö Quinn are currently some of the most visionary expressions of felt textiles”

When you are an interior design studio who has a high volume of projects in London it is important to always be aware of anything that can help acoustics. Whether it be working out how best to sound proof your flooring in an apartment or working out how to remove the echo from a marble entrance hall (tip: in that one we used wooden paneling!) sound forms an important part of how a home feels.

Cold Feelings Or Echo Chambers

So many times we have walked through properties and had a client describe a room as cold. So often this can be due to the hard surfaces and sharp edges but it can also be due to how the room sounds. That is why acoustic wall covering can be so important and really shouldn’t be taken lightly especially if you are looking to create an extremely modern design. You want those hard lines, the design can often demand it but that doesn’t mean that you have to live in an echo chamber. Especially when they can be as stunning as Quinn’s creations.


Remember it’s not just about keeping your neighbours happy it’s about creating a comfortable space for both you, your friends and family.

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