Spotlight on: Bette Bathrooms – Bathroom Renovation Ideas

When we were warmly invited to experience and test out our products in the 1000m2 showroom in Delbrück. We couldn’t wait to take Bette up on their offer, especially as we had 12 bathrooms coming up that we needed to specify for and several that their products had been perfect for.

We had been told many things about Bette before we even boarded the plane and they definitely had some high hopes to live up to. Especially as the last German company I had been to see was Baufritz and they had blown me away with their stunning and extremely efficient factory.  We are always looking for bathroom renovation ideas and high-quality products, Bette ticked the box on both of these categories.


The Factory

Thankfully for Bette, their factory was everything we had hoped it would be; efficient, eco-friendly and extremely modern. Everything from the pressing of the baths, to the cutting the taps holes to the spraying of the enamel, is done by some of the most impressive machinery we have seen in a long time.

I wish I were able to show you just what we saw, however, the inside of the Bette factory is a closely guarded secret, however, there is only one image that Bette themselves ever show and it really does show just how modern their production really is. All the baths, shower trays and sinks are hung from a completely mechanical system that allows them to pass through every part of the enamelling process, furnaces and through to the packing area without ever having touched the ground!

The Showroom

As we toured the showroom it becomes apparent how much versatility there is when you start looking at baths let alone all the other pieces that we specify every day for our client. Having seen how a lot of these amazing products are made definitely gave me a great appreciation for their design because as they are almost indestructible they will keep our design for even longer.

What was also a great bit of knowledge was that if you are refurbishing a property and had an old Bette product they can even take them back and recycle them! When so little is wasted in a design it really puts a smile on my face. We are always conscious of the impact that design can have on the environment and want to make sure we sure the most eco-friendly products for each design.

The Distribution Center

What really blew me away, similarly to Baufritz was their distribution center. Unlike the main factory which is quite noisy this place is an oasis of calm. Once over the bridge, all the items travel on the system you can see above from the factory to the distribution center via a sky bridge between the two buildings!

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