Spotlight On: Solus Modern Fire Pit Design

It has to be said, I am a huge fan of fire pits – both inside and outside. I adore them, I feel that they can instantly create a zen feeling (especially when we are design this for a client with toddler twins!) . We have several projects we are working on at the moment that will need these kinds of features to create the look and thankfully we have some amazing suppliers that will be able to meet that need.  Both of the designs we are working on have a clean and contemporary look and that can often be a challenge when looking for a fire pit as they can often be pretty utilitarian.

Modern Fire Pit Design

I especially love that these fire pits aren’t that, they are stunning in both design and function. The perfect partnership for our clients who appreciate both.  The flexibility of this company to be able to provide 3 fuel types really goes the extra mile to create something for every client.


Our cross jet burners position the flame above the fire pit which results in more efficient use of fuel and transference of heat. The jets are oriented for efficiency and maximum flame height. Fire stones can be used to shape the fire for a more ‘natural’ look. Manual and adjustable auto start options allow you to adjust the flame height and heat output to suit your needs.

Eco Friendly Fires


They can be created with ethanol burners so turning them on is as easy as flipping a switch – perfect for instant zen. Something we could definitely all do with a little of in our life!  Available in three sizes to suit any space these round, concrete fire pits add heat, atmosphere and simple beauty. Starting at $2,589.00 they aren’t going to be right for every client but they are going to be a fantastic option for more luxury contemporary projects. 

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