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Inspiration For A Knightsbridge Interior

One of the most exciting parts of a project is hearing what inspires our clients. Whether it be a trip abroad, how they live with their family, the types of colours they like it all helps us to build a picture of what their new home should hold for them.

Images are often a fantastic way of doing this as they can convey to us more than just the basic requirements but also the tones and feeling that our clients hope to achieve with their new home.  There are also often themes within the images that they pick that they might not consciously know all contains the exact same design aesthetic, showing that they are drawn to either those kinds of products or a feeling in the images.




It is this that often inspires us when creating a design scheme, we are able to take all the inspiration that the client has and combine it with over a decade of design knowledge to create a scheme that oozes personality and functionally works.

Each of these images gives a small amount of detail of what we will be looking to input in to the designs.  We want hardwearing surfaces like marble together with clever lighting and beautiful finishes that draw your eye to them and complete the spaces. We are also looking for innovative ways with bedroom design and ways to be able to pull together not only many different sleeping arrangements but to be able to do it in a way that works well with the rest of the design.

Colours in general are very neutral with hints of coppers, greens, and golds.  We will also be adding in some deep teals and bronzes to give the whole scheme more life. We want each of the spaces to feel comfortable and relaxed, we don’t want a riot of colour taking over each space. We want it to be measured and add to the design as a whole.

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Marble Shower Room

The wonderful part about being a designer is the amount of different people you get to design for, from all around the world, living in all different parts of the world.  It’s fantastic but sometimes you forget how beautiful a design can be till you revisit it.  In searching through old folders I found these very quick snaps of a marble shower room we designed for clients in Baker Street.


The bespoke hand made bathroom units mean that the room has a sleek look but still has ample storage.


The spares were all extremely limited but the use of the marble and the black mosaic made the room have an instant wow factor.  I still love it to this day!

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Images that are inspiring me

Yay today is my birthday!! So I thought I would be completely selfish and just talk about me… okay well maybe not about me exactly but about interiors that are inspiring me!

Okay, so here is the thing, when ever you are really deep in to something it can be difficult to see the woods from the trees.  For me I can find hundreds of inspirational pieces of architecture that I look at and just swoon over, however as soon as we get inside I am very often disappointed – sometimes I even get downright mad about how little the interiors have been thought of.  So today I am taking a page out of the glass half full approach and have decided to show you some interior designs that I absolutely love.

First up a bit of summer love – I just can’t help wishing summer was here already and this home in Australia is the essence of summer.[via Freshome]

Then we have this little gem designed by Baroness Bruno de Pampelonne, I love the textures,  I think the artwork makes the whole room rock and the light fixtures are cool.  [via Design Crisis]

I adore mezzanie’s and double height ceilings so this design had me at hello. [via contemporist]

There is something about the understated glam in this photo that I just love even though I know that I would have never designed that island unit like that I still feel that it works [via Eye Spy]

 Another dark and devious room (are we noticing a theme?) [via Contemporist]

Everything gets a lot brighter and a bit more Scandinavian in this next picture.  The main things that drew me to this image were the statement light and the gorgeous warm colours, I also love the texture of that dining table! [via Contemporist]

 And last but by no means least is this amazing dining area… yes again with the statement lighting and I think the mirror wall is just amazing! [via Contemporist]

So there we have it, a few of the images that just make me smile at the moment!

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Beautiful White Home Design in Belgium

As we have seen from previous projects I love how effective white can be as a colour for the whole house.  This house is sheer white perfection, the lines are clean, the design is well thought out and the finish is impeccable.  Designed by Beel & Achtergael Architects the property is located just outside of Flanders in Belgium.

via Impeccable Modern Home Design: Villa VH en T in Belgium | Freshome.

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Blush Chair by Sofie Brunner

I absolutely adore this chair designed by Sofie Brunner, I love the soft colour tones set against the harsh angles of the chair. I think the juxtaposition works perfectly to create a very interesting piece of furniture.


Described as “Working from the concept of haptic design (design that stimulate the sense of touch), BLUSH has a contrasting and playful appearance that invites the user to explore the materials, construction and comfortability.

Sofie wanted to use contrasts to stimulate and provoke the viewers’ expectations to the chair.
If you want to see this chair in the flesh it will been shown by the Brunner Studio at the group exhibition Temporary/Contemporary at Pakhus 48 in Copenhagen between the 23rd February and 9th March!

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Inspirational Libraries

As a luxury interior designer we are often asked to design more than your standard living room, this is very close to my heart because in my opinion, every room in the home is important – no room should be denied a beautiful design from the down stairs cloak room to the boot room!  Every room should be designed to make the most of the space and to draw all the rooms together.  Below are some of the most beautiful libraries we have come across, a public library for me has never been a place that I have thought of as particularly well designed – these however have changed all that and long may it continue!

Selexyz Dominicanen |In Maastricht

DTAC Headquarters Library | Hassell Architects

Livraria Da Villa | Isay Weinfield

The Free University of Berlin Library | Norman Foster Partners


via Weekly Roundup: Libraries |.

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More Christmas inspiration from Liberty London

I simply can’t help it, I love Liberty London’s display this year.  So just to keep you drooling as much as I have been here are a few more shots of their gorgeous windows.


I love how beautifully they have arranged all the home-wares in the the second image, just makes you want to purchase everything in the window!

LIBERTY WINDOWS: Christmas 2011 | Facebook.

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The perfect office to pretend to work in

I probably don’t have to tell anyone here how expensive bespoke furniture is and it probably isn’t worth thinking about how much the beautiful home office below is.  This is such a slick Design and it provides the one thing that all ‘home workers’ desire above all else: storage.  The fact that it also looks like something out of a James Bond set adds to the appeal!

Credit: Built-In Home Office Ideas by Paul Raff Studiovia: Trendir

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